A New Beginning

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yeah. A new beginning. At age 40. Hence the name of my blog. Though I’ve briefly blogged in the past this will be MY first blog and post. See I have spent most of my 40 years covered up. There are many reasons for that, but for this post allow me to focus on being uncovered and recovered for that is what’s happened to me.

About 10 months ago I attempted suicide. It was my lowest and most desperate time of a very long life. Though I did not physically die that night, I did have a death of sorts. I needed to not live any longer the way I was. I was literally going to die living that way.So when physical death did not happen I was able to start seeing that I could kill that past person and life by becoming my true self. Since that fateful evening I have been diligent and adamant about being truly alive. Irony, I had to suffocate to learn how to breathe. Yes a near death led to a yearning to live whole-heartedly.

It is that passion to thrive that led me to and through my uncovering. Like Lazarus I came out of the tomb tripping over my grave clothes and I needed brothers and sisters to loose me and let me go. And they came. Slowly but surely they came. And as they unwound my outside I was unwinding my insides. Through all this the real me was uncovered. And I found that who I really was was who I wanted to be all along, thus my being recovered.

So here I am uncovered, recovered, and discovered. This is indeed a new beginning. Life is a roller coaster. All are welcome to join my train. Two simple rules- 1. Man made security devices are prohibited. 2. Put your hands up and enjoy the ride because God has so got this.

  1. jackiesampieri says:

    I am one of them 😀

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