Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

What would you say if I told you you are awesome? Believe or reject?

Well you are. Every human is. The truth is still the truth whether we believe it or not. And in my life I’ve done both.  

I follow a pastor on twitter who says only God is awesome. That the word needs to belong to Him. I saw an interaction he had with a person who thought burritos were awesome. His response to that was, “I hope you’re holding that burrito when you behold the awesome God.” And I once had a lady look down on me because I used the word awesome as an adjective for what was not directly God in her eyes. My point is some may not like me calling us awesome.   If they were to look at where I’m coming from I believe they would see I am on the same page as them. For I whole-heartedly believe that only God is awesome. In fact God is way beyond awesome. There are simply no words suitable to describe Him. So how can I say we are awesome? Simple- We have all been created by God in His image.

That is all we need to know we are awesome. I spent years not being able to even dream I could be awesome. Now believing I am awesome is a part of the foundation to why I’m alive. Knowing you are awesome because you are made by the so more than awesome God will make your life awesome. For real. The choice is yours. Be awesome or not.


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