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Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

A day that will hold a towering testimony that God is wholly good and wholly awesome. A day where everything, self included, could have crumbled apart. Faced with situations that could provoke despair or need Mega faith, we chose Mega faith. Unshakable faith. We chose to not be moved. That even if we sunk deeper than the Titanic we would be holding on to God all the way. We would grab for nothing or no one else. Giving up a chance to go another way, we submitted to our Lord Jesus Christ. Then, when we were pushed hard, help came. Help from God in the form of people who loved us and could help. And help they did. Above and beyond the call. Enough to not only give us rescue from sea but to also give us a foundation to build upon the rock. Yes, God rescued and established us today. It’s beyond words. Theoretically too good to be true yet so is. We had arrived at the end of ourselves which made it the perfect time for God to show us He has indeed got this. And with God ALL things are possible. Amen!


On the edge

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Life is an adventure. A great adventure. That is for sure. One where we did not plan our existence, or know for sure the details of how it’ll end. In between are many mini beginnings and endings. Sometimes they come separately, but often they come totally synced. For instance my current situation- Monday morning I go for a job interview at a company that seems to need me like I need employed. Should I get the job I would be beginning a new chapter of employment and closing a chapter of unemployment. This interview comes right as I’m most desperate for income. So I will go and give it my best and see what God provides. He always amazes me. Even when I’m falling apart. I look forward to continuing to serve no matter what happens. For my life is all about Him, so not about me.

So I got on a Greyhound bus…

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…and I got picked up by my new family in a new time zone and zip code. Each moment since has been a wild ride. From the awkwardness of our 1st meal together to our battle over churches now, there has been tension and troubles. But from the 1st embrace to 2 of us becoming happy members of our church today, there have been Godly moments and great stuff too. For each time we’ve been judged we have times of being shown love. For each time being in need of food we have times of having more we can eat. We’ve praised God for the way and praised Him when we could see no way. At times we’ve been selfish. More times we’ve given ourselves away. And there’s been both building and walking away. Can you tell my Pastor spoke from the a time for everything part of Ecclesiastes this morning? He did. And my life testifies to it. For nearly 2 years my life had so little change outside of me. Now, since June, life outside of me is in constant motion. Even though I miss some of that previous normalcy, I wouldn’t trade where I am now for anything. For here I am, centered on God, living for Him, with a woman that supports me by being truly on fire for Him right next to me, and having found a treasure chest of a church to serve and be served from. Those are truly core blessings. I say they’re ultimate blessings here on this earth. God is my foundation, point blank. And with His people surrounding me making a house on top of that foundation, priceless. Over a year ago I was so distraught I attempted suicide. Shortly after that, I told God my life was and is His. Now I have more joy than I can express. Coincidence? I think not. That’s a small example of the awesome power of God. Let Him have you. For it is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you. He’s there. He’s here. Seek Him.