Let’s see what God provides

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Never have I put so much on the altar. Never. My whole life is there, and my life has grown exponentially since April 2012. Because of that growth, if my life fails many others will be very negatively affected. So I push myself all in on the altar of God. Only He can make my life all it needs to be to provide for my family and be the friend I long to be. Only He can make this gamble of myself pay off. Yes, I’m gambling myself. I am the wager. But no way I’m gambling on myself. I’m gambling on God. On His character. His promises. If I don’t believe God has me and my future I run from this life right now. I have hope for change, all found in Him. He can do whatever He wants. Always. My problems could be decimated, I could be decimated, or anything in between. And no, I can’t just sit here and wait for what He does. I must do my part. Move forward with each breath. Taking my breath as gifts of extension of hope for this life. So what happens to me and those around me? Like my title says-

let’s see what God provides.

  1. jackiesampieri says:

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    and He will provide just enough

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