I give up is a contradiction

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

We’re all familiar with the phrase “I give up”. We have learned this phrase means I’m done trying and we use it to communicate that. But to say I give up really doesn’t mean to quit. To me it speaks of giving it up to God. That’s where the oxymoron part comes in. When we “give up” in the traditional sense, I say giving down is more like it. For down below is where Satan lives. To quit, to give up, is his way. What he desires for us. This giving up where you’re really giving down needs to be replaced by truly giving up- giving it to God. Like a child with a new toy we want to play with we try so very hard to put it together and make it work. We come to exhaustion and face a choice- to give up traditionally or truly. Traditional would be to move away from the toy, stop trying, and probably sulk or pout. Tell me that’s not what Satan salivates for. “I can’t do it” and “I’m helpless” are his bread and butter. But to truly give up invites your heavenly Father in. Much like a child going to his dad for help with the new toy, we are to go to Him and admit our weakness. Then, like the child, we do whatever our Father asks knowing He knows best and loves us.


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