Posted: February 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I realize that sometimes I enjoy movies what I can believe is too much. An example- after a movie I view as great I feel exhilarated. My emotions deep and vibrant. Brain alive.

There was a time, and a long time, where I couldn’t enjoy and get the exhilaration about reading the Bible, listening to ministry, going to church, etc.

But now it’s different. I now get my best feelings, thoughts, and everything awesome from seeking God and spending time with Him. What’s changed? My relationship with God. I, now see, had many barriers in my way of a joyful relationship with God. There was lies believed, truth u believed and often not even considered, and illness plus more. The answer was quite simple- trust and obey. Simple to state and simple to know. Hard to do with a whole lot of consistency. See I’m still human. I’m a depraved wretch without God working mightily in me. And that’s only considering sins I do. Add in truly good things I fail to do and I can honestly agree with the apostle Paul that I am the chief of sinners. I’m so far beyond helpless and hopeless without God. I am at His mercy, only He can save.

And save He does, through the work of Jesus, all those who truly call on Him. I am one of those. When you know Him you realize the best thing you can do is admit that we are the chief of sinners without Him. This makes us completely forgiven, white as snow, in Him. Confessing our need for Him is the best confession anyone can make.


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