Posted: February 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

An old song I know says “It only takes a spark to get a fire going”, and Smokey the Bear taught us that one small mistake with fire can take down a whole forest. Fire is certainly nothing to play with. It demands attention and respect or else it will surge out of control quickly, hurting people and many things. Yet fire is a useful and necessary tool to be used for much benefit when controlled. It helps engines, gas stoves, wood burners, steel mills, and many other things beneficial. So we need fire, but we need controlled fire.
I believe that we have something very similar, in theory at least, burning within us humans. I’m talking about anger. Much like fire, anger is a useful and necessary thing. And also like fire, we need our anger or anger will harm us and others. I see us all having a spark inside of us- our hearts. That spark will quickly ignite the gasoline of anger poured poured on to it. Too much anger and you’ll see a bonfire that burns yourself and others. Too little anger you’ll have a lonely spark that anyone can come and trample on whenever they please. This makes clear how important the proper level of anger is in our lives to be healthy and unharming.
I’ve found that other emotions and rationale can be tools to manage a healthy flame in us. The following can safely diffuse a fire- understanding, compassion, love, forgiveness, putting yourself in their shoes, dismissing, and asking yourself “What good will it be to get all worked up?” work very well for me. I encourage you to give these and any other positive tools a try. A healthy level of fire within us can make life so much better. It’s so worth our time and effort.


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