When words lie

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

1. Love

Love with conditions is not love. Is unconditional love a myth? A misnomer? No. Pure love exists and it will always be without condition. Look around hard enough and you’ll see it. See the father who loves his son like the day he was born despite knowing that son causes the father much pain. See a woman who adopts into her family a person she barely knows and treats and treats that child as her own the rest of her life. See spouses who can look past diseases and bad choices and still see and love the other for who they truly are. “I’ll love you if…” and “I’ll stop loving you if…” are simply not in genuine love’s vocabulary.

2. Grace

Grace earned simply is not grace. Grace can be defined as unmerited favor. So to have to work for something that is freely given is something other than true grace. Here’s an example- Credit cards. A credit card that offers a period of time for you to pay your bill past the due date without penalty calls that a grace period. Now if you have to earn that grace period by spending a certain amount of money each month to activate their “grace period” would not be grace. It would be an incentive instead. True grace comes with no strings attached.

3. Self-esteem

Self-esteem based on how others view you is not self-esteem. Webster defined self-esteem as self-respect. The key word here is self. If one’s self-esteem is based on how others respected him/her that would be more accurately called others-respect and others-esteem. So when looking at the health of your self-esteem be sure to only use your own opinions of yourself. Your opinions may be very different from how others see you.

In conclusion I’ll add it’s not so much that words lie as it is that words are wrongly defined. Define wisely.


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