Encouragement vs Discouragement

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Thanks to the trend of being able to see what you posted in the past years I saw that I was having an awful day 5 years ago today. This was a couple years before I was properly diagnosed and thus properly treated for my mental illness. I was on Facebook asking for help with suicide thoughts and wanting to die. What ended up happening was I would receive good encouragement from family and friends but it was overtaken by the illness in me. The illness had me full of despair which is the epitome of discouragement. It had to be frustrating for those trying to help me. They were using sound logic and knew me to be a person with good logic. But illness is so often illogical and during that time I was lost in illogical despair. I’m thankful I got through that. I ended up finally getting the treatment I needed. Treatment that continues through to this day and every day.


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