Manic Scribbles & Wearing Purple

Posted: September 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Great insight on a mental health hospitalization!

The Calculating Mind

Below are some manic notes I made. Btw, purple scrubs are what the inpatient psych patients were told to change into upon admittance into the hospital/psych ER.

woman wearing purple hooded jacket sitting on rock Photo by Pete Johnson on



I was wondering what purple stood for… I think it means we are “crazy.”

grand canyon utah Photo by Pete Johnson on

What does it mean to be the patient in purple [scrubs]? What makes us different?

Why are we treated as dangerous?

As criminals?

Why are we transported by police and handcuffs?

Why are we stripped of our possessions, our clothing, our shoes, our rights?

What does it mean to be ‘crazy’?

Is depressed crazy?

Is anxious crazy?

Is bipolar crazy?

What about suicidal?Psychotic? Obsessive? Traumatized?

Why does a cancer patient get t-shirts, bumper stickers, flowers & support… but a psychiatric patient gets a pink slip, stigma, and a system that [illegible word that…

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